A look at a few lightning facts with Meteorologist Paul Wetzl

It is lightning safety awareness week.  Here are a few lighting facts.  Lightning can heat the air around it to a hot 50,000 degrees!  The power of lightning is high too.  A flash can produce 300 million volts as well as 30,000 amps.  Compare that to a typical house that has 120 volts and around 15 amps.  A flash of lightning could light a 100 watt bulb for up to 3 months.  It is fast too!  Around 220,000 miles per hour. Thunder travels at 750 miles per hour.  You can find out how far away the lightning is by counting the number of seconds between the lightning and thunder.  Then, divide it by 5.  That will tell you how many miles away it is. If you count to ten. The lighting would be two miles away.

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