Berry crops flourishing despite soggy conditions

Wet fields in Green Township

GREEN TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) – At least one local farmer said his crop of summer berries is doing just fine despite all the rain over the last few days.

Paul Gasser said his fields have received nearly 3.25 inches of rain and that produce farmers learn early on they need to be able to cope with whatever Mother Nature sends their way.

“No disease problems. Crops are flourishing and I would have to say we are in real good shape,” said Gasser.

While the rain isn’t creating any issues, Gasser said the harsh winter hurt his stone fruit crop such as peaches and cherries.

“It’s just part of farming. You can either go to the track and bet on the ponies, or go to Vegas and roll the dice every year. It is what Mother Nature provides,” he said.

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