Howland police warned of another crime by a convicted murderer

HOWLAND, Ohio (WKBN) – A man who moved to Howland after spending 30 years in prison for murder is the main suspect in another killing.

Shawn Jarrett was taken into custody in Michigan for allegedly raping a woman during a robbery at her home.

Police are using DNA to see if he could be connected to the death of a mother of four who was found dead in April.

Jarrett moved in with his parents last year in Howland after he had been let out of jail on parole.

“I have been a police officer for 27 years and I’ve never been contacted by a prosecutor from another state warning me of the seriousness and the danger that his or any other individual posed to a community,” said Howland Police Chief Paul Monroe.

Howland police said they heard Jarrett moved to California and then learned about this alleged incident in Michigan.

Jarrett is in jail and facing various charges, including assault.

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