Man convicted in death of beloved teacher wife

Mother goes to prison for the death of her daughter.
Missouri mother convicted of letting her boyfriend sexually assault her daughter.

GREENSBURG, Pa. (AP) – A Pittsburgh-area man who claimed he strangled his wife in self-defense after she attacked him with a knife has been found guilty of first-degree murder.

An all-female jury convicted 44-year-old David Stahl on Friday evening.

Prosecutors in Westmoreland County say Stahl killed 37-year-old Derry Area schoolteacher Rebecca Stahl in February 2012 and dumped her body in a field.

In a taped statement, David Stahl told police he did not mean to kill his wife when she became combative after smoking marijuana and attacked him inside their Hempfield Township home.

But prosecutors say he killed her after they argued about his drinking, then kept her body in a shed for about two days before dumping it.

Stahl did not testify during the trial.

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