HAM Radio Field Day educates

NORTH LIMA, Ohio (WKBN) —  One of the motto’ of Sunday’s HAM Radio Field Day: Information is key in a disaster situation.

Once a year, more than 35,000 amateur radio operators set up camps nationwide to test their ability to communicate.

However, to mimic disaster conditions, they are not allowed to use commercial power.

One such camp was at the old Youngstown Elser airport in North Lima.

“Everything’s emergency. We can’t use commercial power. And if this was a disaster or something, we’re the first ones to call out. And we get set up like this. This is a practice, just a practice for an emergency situation,” said Roy Haren of the Western Reserve Amatuer Radio Club.

The 24-hour event allowed the public to meet and talk with the radio operators.

There was also information on how folks could get their own FCC license.

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