Poland native set to tough out Arthur

Carolina coast before Arthur

COROLLA, North Carolina (WKBN) – As Hurricane Arthur bears down on the east coast, one northeast Ohio resident is staying in North Carolina to tough out the storm.

Poland native Aggie Van Brocklin, 64, told WKBN 27 News she and ten of her family members will be staying in her vacation rental property in Corolla, North Carolina despite forecasts of heavy rain and gusts of wind up to 100 miles per hour.

“We just decided to stick it out because we felt comfortable enough with the kind of reports that we were hearing,” Van Brocklin said. “We just felt that we were equipped.”

Van Brocklin said she and her family has stayed near Corolla for Hurricane Ophelia and Tropical Storm Gabrielle in 2005 and 2007, respectively.

Food will likely be in short supply in local grocery stores by Friday, Van Brocklin said, but she feels like her and her family have everything they need.

“We’re all calm,” Van Brocklin said. “I hate to sound overconfident, because you can never predict mother nature, but we’re all okay with staying.”

Carolina coast before Arthur 2

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