Tragedy turns to triumph in Youngstown

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A garden in Youngstown is using part of a city church that burned down earlier this year to make the space more enjoyable for all.

In May, a fire destroyed Grace Evangelistic Temple Ministries on Shehy Street. The church’s sandstones now line paths throughout Youngstown’s Inner City Garden on Hillman Street.

Mason Carratt got the stones to make the property easier for those in wheelchairs or with disabilities to get around.

Philip Leyman is one of the parishioners that will benefit since he relies on a wheelchair.

“It means freedom to get around. Even my wife knows that I don’t want to sit still and I want to keep on moving,” Leyman said.

He lives down the street from the garden.

Carratt said he has heard that the church’s parishioners are pleased with the project.

“They are very happy it’s gone to a good place and it will be here for a long, long time,” Carratt said.

So far, volunteers have lined the front of the garden and there are plans to place the remaining sandstones soon.

The church also plans to move to a new location in the near future.

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