Greenville boy found nearly starving

GREENVILLE, Pa. (WKBN) — A disturbing story out of Greenville, Pennsylvania where police say a 7 year-old boy was beaten, nearly starved, and resorted to eating insects to stay alive.

When investigators found the boy, they say he looked like a human skeleton and weighed just 25 pounds.

For people on North Second Street in Greenville, revelations about what was going on in the house are tough to swallow.

“I do not want to see children hurt and there is no excuse for it,” said Donna Wagner, she attends church nearby.

Wagner said she can’t fathom how any mother could let a child starve,  especially with three other children in the house.

“Why would you do that to just one child,” said Wagner.

Dorine Pritts lives right next door. She said she never had a clue anything was wrong.

“Seen little girls playing out here and we really didn’t pay that much attention,” said Pritts.

Reports say the boy was not only nearly starved, but also abused.

“It’s a shock, it’s. It’s a shock. And I think anybody that does that to children should get the same treatment,” said Pritts.

According to the Sharon Herald the boy’s mother, 28-year-old Mary Rader,  and the grandparents Dennis and Deanna Beighly,  were charged with several crimes including assault, false imprisonment and unlawful restraint of a minor.

“That little boy don’t deserve that all. She can have life and he can’t,” said Pritts.

Residents are hoping the suspects get a punishment that fits the crime. And that the little boy gets to have the happy childhood he deserves.

“If they let her out of jail, then that judge is worse than her,” said Pritts.

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