Video: Arrest after Mercer Co. shooting

JACKSON CENTER, Pa. (WKBN) – Police arrested a man in Jackson Center Wednesday after he got drunk and shot another man through the wrist, sending a stray bullet in the direction of a room where a baby was sleeping, according to a criminal complaint.

Authorities believe Matthew Sines, 22, shot Jacob Boughner at an apartment at 1203 Franklin Rd, sending a bullet towards the room where Sines’ one-year-old child was sleeping. A 17-year old female, believed to be Sines’ fiancee, was also in the apartment.

Sines and Boughner went out drinking Tuesday night. After returning, Sines shot Boughner in the wrist while he was running out of the room, according to police.

Sines then continued shooting at no one in particular, it seems, sending fellow apartment-dwellers running and bringing police to the scene.

It appears that Sines then passed out, according to police, and when he woke up, found authorities outside his apartment.

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