Treat Act would loosen contraints on doctors treating addicts

A Butler, Pennsylvania man pleaded guilty to providing the heroin that authorities say led to his girlfriend's death.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WKBN) – Reducing the number of Ohio’s drug overdose deaths is the goal of Senator Sherrod Brown’s new piece of legislation.

The Treat Act would allow more health-care providers to treat a larger number of patients struggling with addiction to drugs like oxycodone and heroin.

“About 2,000 Ohioans a year are dying from overdoses. We want doctors to be able to treat these addictions so that the number of people who overdose will obviously be cut back,” Brown said.

Federal law now restricts physicians and providers in treating abuse cases. A special waiver is required for doctors who want to prescribe certain medications used to treat addicts. And even with a waiver, physicians can treat only 30 patients in the first year and 100 in subsequent years.

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