Homes flooded in Berlin Center

BERLIN CENTER, Ohio (WKBN) — The fallout continued Sunday night from those heavy weekend rains that have left people who live in one neighborhood begging for help and trapped in their homes.

It was a wet mess along Mock Road in Berlin Center on Sunday night with at least four homes completely cut off from the rest of the world because of flooding.

Chuck Ripley said it happens every couple of years, and they can’t get anyone to help with flood control.

Ripley’s daughter has cerebral palsy, and he worries about what would happen if she needed medical attention when the waters are up.

“If something happens to her, nobody can get here. The road a while ago had two foot of water running over it. It seems to me like they’re waiting for someone to get hurt, die or drown, a kid or a dog or something, before they’re going to do anything about it,” said resident Chuck Ripley.

Turkey Creek is the water that is out of its banks.

Neighbors said they’d like to see whoever is responsible for maintaining it remove some brush so the water will flow better and stop backing up in their yards and homes.

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