Leetonia railroad crossing to get fixed

LEETONIA, Ohio (WKBN) – There is some good news for residents in Leetonia who are frustrated with their bumpy railroad crossings: A fix is on the way.

Earlier this summer, Norfolk Southern began work on the town’s crossings. Neighbors said the preliminary work left the crossings almost too uneven to cross, and they are worried about tearing up their cars.

On Tuesday, the police chief got involved by calling the railroad about the issues. Norfolk Southern officials said they will be out Wednesday for a temporary fix.

“I am hoping the cold patch gets here in the next couple of days to make that a lot smoother than what it is. If they can do that, then things will probably calm down here a little bit,” Leetonia Police Chief John Soldano said.

The railroad said the cold patch will help smooth things out, and the final fix will come by September. Norfolk Southern and the chief asked for patience until then.

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