Daily Weather Forecast

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) —  A very windy afternoon with gusts to 50mph or greater.  Akron has already clocked a 62mph gust!  This storm will bring rain, then wind, then colder air as it shifts east of he region into Tuesday.  Check the “Alerts” at the top of the page as High Wind will become a problem Monday into Monday night.

The wind will continue to stay gusty overnight and into Tuesday.  Temperatures will tumble into the upper 20′s.  Colder Tuesday, still windy early, with a chance for a rain or snow shower.

Storm Team 27 is watching the storm track of a developing East Coast storm.  If the storm moves more to the west, there will be a better chance for snow late Wednesday.  Snow showers are expected for Thanksgiving and into Friday morning.


This afternoon/evening: WINDY!  Scattered Rain.  Chance of Thunderstorms. (70%) Wind Gusts up to 50mph or higher.
High – Mid 60s

Monday Night: WINDY!  Chance for an Isolated Shower.  Gusts to 50mph Early.  Chance of rain 40%.
Low — 29

Tuesday: WINDY Early! Chance for a Rain or Snow Shower. (30%)
High – 36

Wednesday: Mostly Cloudy. Watching East Coast Storm.  If it tracks more to the west, the threat for snow will move in by late day into Wednesday night.
High – 36   Low – 26

Thursday: Mostly Cloudy.  Scattered Snow Showers.  (60%) *Watching Storm!
High – 32   Low – 26

Friday: Partly Sunny.  Chance of Snow Early.  (30%)
High – 30   Low – 18

Saturday: Mostly Cloudy.  Chance of Snow.  (30%)
High – 38   Low – 28

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