Back to school event promotes safety

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — The first day of school is around the corner for Youngstown students.

On Friday, community and school leaders said they are here to help parents so students can be in a safe learning environment.

On Saturday, some of those organizations were front and center at The Total Package back to school event. The event is a kick off for the school year where parents could get free backpacks and food. Also, kids could enjoy fun games such as shooting hoops or playing in a bounce house.

Event organizers and the city used this as a day to show parents that they are here for them and their children.

“We’re really encouraging adults to see what’s out there for their young people and connect them. If they have issues with their young people there is help,” said Guy Burney of Youngstown CIRV.

This school year there will be a group called Youth Peace makers.

Kids who are part of the group will be trained on how to prevent bullying.

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