Don Guthrie takes on Ice Bucket Challenge

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — As many already know, the Ice Bucket Challenge has been making waves all over Youngstown.

Some of our reporters and staff have been participating in the challenge. On Saturday, none other than our own chief meteorologist Don Guthrie was up for the challenge.

Guthrie was there to support the staff of Dr. Cubbison Vein Care Office, where his wife works, as they took in the challenge. A tractor dumped gallons of cold water on the staff and their family members there.

He had the honor of making the office’s challenge and had some challenges of his own.

“Dr. Cubbison and Advance Vein Care challenge, Firestone Health Care and especially, Kim Marbel,” said Guthrie. “I am going to make a donation, but I personally want to challenge Paul Wetzl and Ryan Halicki for the Ice Bucket Challenge.”

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