OSP helps oversee smooth fair traffic

CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) — The holiday weekend is a busy time for the State Highway Patrol, but in Canfield, it’s even busier than other parts of Ohio.

Troopers there are not only keeping you safe on the highways, but also helping you get into and out of the Canfield Fair quickly and easily.

They pull double duty all weekend long, keeping traffic moving to make your visit run more smoothly.

“A pleasant experience for us means getting them in and out safely and efficiently. I know you traveled down here to talk to me this evening and you made the comment that you got here pretty smooth and that’s actually a compliment for me and my guys out here working. We want them to get in fast and get out when they want to, so they’re not sitting there in traffic waiting to get to their destination,” said Canfield OSP Post Commander, Lt. Nakia Hendrix.

Troopers said motorists can help make things run more smoothly by following the signs for the express entrances.


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