Something to crow about at the Canfield Fair

CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – “Something to Crow About” has long been the slogan for the Canfield Fair and on Monday the proof was in the crowing.

A rooster crowing contest was held with over 61 birds doing their best to win the top prize.

The loudest chicken doesn’t always win, it is the number of times it crows in 30 minutes. The record was set in 2007 with 138 crows.

Contestants are not allowed to touch their roosters once the clock starts.

“People do lots of different things to get their roosters to crow. They snap their fingers, they clap, they talk to it real nice,” said Poultry Supervisor Katie Rickettes. “Lots of times the chickens get used to a person’s voice, whoever takes care of them.”

The top five winners took home a trophy.

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