Warren police investigating ATM thefts

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – In the last several months, thieves have been targeting businesses for their ATM machines.

Two were just broken into this past week in Warren, costing the owners thousands of dollars in damage.

When Debra Larson opened up her Garfield Convenient Mart on Wednesday morning, she discovered that someone had broken in overnight.

The thieves cut power to the building and they also cut the wiring to all the security inside.

“They ended up prying my back door open with, I don’t know, a crowbar, I am guessing. They took my ATM from the front of the store and dragged it to the back of the store,” Larson said.

There, the perpetrators worked on trying to open it up, but were unsuccessful. Police said they didn’t even attempt to take anything else.

“I did talk to one police officer and he told me a little hint. My new ATM, which I had for over a year, they didn’t weigh it down and I didn’t understand why they didn’t. I guess they go to use it and they tip it, which makes you susceptible,” Larson said.

The ATM at City Wide Wireless on Mahoning Avenue also was not weighted down or bolted. It was stolen in similar fashion, but this time the thieves took it from the store. It was recovered by police a short distance away, but it is unknown if it was able to be opened.

“They did a lot of damage to the store and I hope they catch them,” City Wide Wireless owner Angel Baez said.

These two cases adds to a growing list of break-ins surrounding ATMs over the past couple of months. The first one happened in late October at Up a Creek Tavern on East Market Street in Howland, where the thieves unsuccessfully tried smashing their way into the ATM to get inside.

However, the owner of Up a Creek said they did get hundreds of dollars from a jukebox and lottery machine.

In both Liberty and Boardman last month, police said thieves smashed through the front of two convenient stores and dragged the cash machines out with chains.

Anyone with information on either of the Warren incidents is asked to call Warren police at 330-394-2521.

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