Buckeyes fans gear up for big game

Everything Buckeyes store in Niles

NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – When Ohio State takes the field Thursday night in the Sugar Bowl, millions will be cheering them on around the globe.

The Everything Buckeyes store in the Eastwood Mall brought in a special stock of bowl game shirts. They quickly sold out earlier this week.

“That product just blew out. It was unbelievable. We would get in literally hundreds of one garment in one day. Then I would come in the next day like ‘where did they go?’,” Everything Buckeyes owner Jeff Lyda said.

Business was brisk on Thursday and the store was stocked with shirts, hats and other gear.

“Everybody usually wants to keep on to something fresh and new to cheer on the Buckeyes,” Lyda said.

The employees at the store are looking forward to the game too.

“I was born in Ohio. It is a family tradition. It is what I have inherited and I completely support the Buckeyes,” Ashley Davenport said. “It is great for business and I want our home team to win.”

When they do win, the store is ready.

“For the next round of inventory after we beat Alabama and roll over the tide,” Lyda said. “We will literally drive down to Columbus to a Nike facility and pick up our locker room shirt they will wear after they beat Alabama.”

The store will have those championship shirts in stock on Friday.

But fans are not looking much past Thursday’s game.

“Like Urban Meyer said, just this game is all that counts right now. It is only this game. We can’t think beyond that,” Lyda said.

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