YMCA offers fitness tips for new year

Fitness in the new year

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Getting in shape is always a popular new year’s resolution.

The Davis Family YMCA expects to see lots of new members in the coming weeks. Fitness Director Larry Jensen has some tips to help people achieve their goals.

The first is stick with it year round, not just the first three months. He also said not to go full throttle with workouts, so instead of working out six days a week, start small.

“Just put in your mind I am going to come two days a week, three days a week and just make it a habit. You don’t have to come and work out for two hours at a time either. If you come Monday, Wednesday, come for 45 minutes to an hour, find something you like to do,” Jensen said.

Jensen said not to forget to change up an exercise routine to work different muscle groups. Strength training also is important.

“For the average Jane and Joe out there, my suggestion is to do something for a cardio workout, maybe 20 to 40 minutes, somewhere in that range. You don’t have to go much longer than that really. Just keep it at a constant pace, keep that heart rate up and kind of sustain that heart rate for 20 to 40 minutes and that’s a good strengthening workout for your heart,” Jensen said.

He said the best way to lose weight is to eat less, make healthier food choices and exercise.

“Seventy percent is what you put in your mouth and 30 percent is what you do activity wise, so make sure you combine the two,” Jensen said.

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