Blue light bulbs passed out in Hubbard

Blue light bulbs were passed out in Hubbard, Ohio.

HUBBARD, Ohio (WKBN) – Just as the Christmas lights are coming down, start looking for the color blue to light up the night.

The city of Hubbard passed out 200 blue light bulbs Friday in an effort to show support for the men in blue.

It started as an idea by Patti Pagano and Christina Moffitt. They both have sons in the police department and are hoping people display the bulbs in their windows thru January 7.

“I think it shows the police officers that the community supports them when all this craziness is happening,” said Dani Wilson of Hubbard. “They are the ones that go in. They are the ones we rely on for safety, for peace of mind.”

The bulbs were free, but several people offered donations. That money will be given to the Hubbard Police Department.

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