Rescued dog gets new home in Montana

A rescued dog in Youngstown, Ohio has a new home in Montana.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Angels for Animals has been sheltering River since March. But to find a permanent home for a dog who deals with anxiety issues, they needed it to be a perfect fit.

“She has some special needs, and the home she’s going to can provide for those needs. Otherwise, she’d be at my place,” said Allan Miller with Angels for Animals.

The home she is going to is in Montana. The new owner is a man named Ken, who saw River on Facebook. He has a job working with wildlife and will be able to look after her.

“Everybody here has been pushing to find her the right home. You know, every dog deserves a home, but not every home deserves a dog,” said Jason Cooke, former board president of Animal Charity Humane Society. “Everybody, come Tuesday, is gonna be shedding tears of joy for this dog,”

The new owner will be paying for all of Jason’s expenses as he drives River from Canfield to Montana – a 26-hour trip. It will be bittersweet for the volunteers when he leaves this week.

“Safe to say, she’s kind of a special project of mine: Finding her a forever home. So I’m feeling good and bad at the same time,” Miller said.

But for River, it means a new Montana home with a full-time companion and big spaces to roam.

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