Daily Weather Forecast

Tuesday: Wintry Mix (Snow/Sleet/Freezing Rain) Developing. Less than 1″ Snow/Sleet Accumulation. Mixing to Rain Afternoon.  Windy at Times Late Day.
High: 40°  (Late Day)
Winds: SE 10-20 mph

Another storm will push through the region Tuesday.  A wintry mix of sleet/snow/freezing rain will be likely through late morning into the early afternoon.  Changing to rain into the late afternoon/evening.  The storm will bring gusty wind too.

Tuesday features another storm system that will bring a wintry mix before changing to rain into Tuesday night.  There is even a small chance for a thunderstorm. Rain may be heavy with 0.25″ to more than 1.00″ possible!  The rain will mix back to snow toward Wednesday morning.  Keeping a close eye on the storm track as a shift to the north would result in heavier snow into Wednesday night.

Colder Thursday with the risk of snow early.  Better weather with cold temperatures into Friday.  Warming up a little into the Weekend with highs back in the middle 30’s.


Tuesday: Wintry Mix(Snow/Sleet/Freezing Rain) to Rain by Late Day.  Snow/Sleet Accumulation Less than 1”.  Warming up and Becoming Windy! (100%)
High: 40°

Tuesday Night: Rain Likely.  Small Chance for Thunder.  Rain Could be Heavy at Times.  Chance of Snow Toward Morning.  (100%)
Low: 39°

Wednesday: Rain/Snow Mixing back to all Snow. (70%) *Watching for Snow Wednesday Night*
High: 34°

Thursday Chance for Snow Showers Early.  (30%).  *Watching Storm Track*
High: 17°
Low: 7°

Friday:Partly Sunny.
High: 25°
Low: -1°

Saturday: Mostly Cloudy.
High:  33°
Low:  18°

Sunday: Mostly Cloudy.
High:  32°
Low:  20°