Door to door effort to stop Essure device for women

WASHINGTON (MEDIA GENERAL) – In an effort to pull a pregnancy prevention implant device known as Essure off the market, several former users are going door to door of congressional lawmakers to find support.

On Thursday, three women from across the United States and former Essure users, met with the staff of several lawmakers hoping to garner support for a measure that would force the FDA to re-examine the medical implant device.

Former patients of the "Essure" pregnancy prevention device are touring Capitol Hill (By: Mark Meredith)
Former patients of the “Essure” pregnancy prevention device are touring Capitol Hill (By: Mark Meredith)

“I’ve never felt discriminated against until now, I don’t feel like were taken seriously,” said Kim Myers of Mississippi. The call for action for the Food and Drug Administration to re-examine Essure’s effectiveness has grown louder in recent weeks and has even gained the public support of at least one member of the House of Representatives.

“The failures of Essure are well documented and wide-ranging. Yet, in the face of all these facts, this device remains on the market; certified with the FDA’s stamp of approval,” Rep. Fitzpatrick said earlier this month at a news conference in Washington.

The makers of Essure, when reached for comment on Thursday, released a statement defending the recent review by the FDA which kept Essure on the market.

“Bayer strongly opposes any attempts to discourage women’s access to Essure – an important, FDA-approved birth control option for women who have completed their families. It is critical that the science-based, data-driven regulatory process already in place at FDA – and not politics – guides the path forward. We are committed to working with FDA as it considers the advice of its recent Advisory Panel.” -Tara Dilflumeri, Bayer Pharmaceuticals pharmaceuticals 

Former users of Essure have organized through a Facebook group which has grown to more than 24,000 members.

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