Lawmaker's pay examined in Ohio and Pa.

Lawmakers’ pay drastically different

Tens of thousands of your tax dollars are going to pay the salaries of politicians. Ohio is sixth highest in the country in payroll for our …

Fire at Interstate Shredding

Crews battle scrap fire in Girard


Gas left in a scrapped vehicle may have ignited a blaze that was seen for miles from a scrapyard in Girard.

austintown fire humvee

Austintown gets firefighting humvee

Austintown Fire Chief Andy Frost said the Austintown Police Department got the vehicle from the federal government at no cost to the townshi…

UCLA Flooding

Photos: Broken water main floods UCLA

A broken water main near UCLA's campus sent a geyser of water some 30 feet into the air, trapping people in underground parking garages and …