Canfield Fair traffic, parking updates is your home for the latest traffic and parking updates during the 2016 Canfield Fair.

View the live stream player at the top of this page for live traffic on 224 during peak hours of the Canfield Fair.

Bookmark this page and return before you head out to the fair to find out what routes are backed up and which lots are full.

Fairground Blvd:
Gate 1 – Exit only
Gate 2 – Public parking available
Gate 3 – Permit parking available (4-H)
Gate 3a – Permit parking available (Media)

Route 46:
Gate 5 – Permit parking available (Concessions, officials, bus drop off)
Gate 9 – Public parking available

Gate 10 – Exit only
Gate 11 – Permit parking available (Camping, concessions, trailers)
Gate 13 – Public parking available

Canfield High School:
Public parking available

Route 11 – Light traffic
Route 46 – Light traffic
Route 224 – Light traffic
Express Route (Raccoon to Leffingwell) – Light traffic

Saturday, Sunday and Monday there will be shuttle service from Canfield High School to Gate 5 of the fair. Shuttle service will run Noon-Midnight. The buses will do a continuous loop throughout the day and night.

For the latest Canfield Fair traffic and parking updates on-the-go, download the WKBN app from iTunes or the Google Play Store.

To find the latest information on the Canfield Fair, visit the Canfield Fair page.

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