WKBN, Stan Boney

Stan Boney

Stan Boney is a veteran of television news in Youngstown, joining the WKBN-27 First News family after 36 years with 33-WYTV.

WKBN, Dave Sess

Dave Sess

Dave Sess began working for WKBN 27 First News in October 1998 as a morning anchor and producer.

WKBN, Mandy Noell

Mandy Noell

Mandy Noell joined the WKBN 27 First News team as evening co-anchor in October 2016.

WKBN, Paul Wetzl

Paul Wetzl

Paul Wetzl joined 27 First News as a meteorologist in 1998.

WKBN, Ryan Allison

Ryan Allison

Ryan Allison has worked in sports since 2001.

WKBN, Rich Morgan

Rich Morgan

Rich grew up in Geauga County’s snowbelt. His father built the family home in the backwoods of Newbury, overlooking Punderson State Park.

WKBN, Dan Martin

Dan Martin

Dan Martin is the morning co-anchor for First News This Morning.

WKBN 27 First News Anchor, Lauren Wood

Lauren Wood

Lauren Wood is co-anchor WKBN 27 First News This Morning.

Jason Aubry, Statehouse reporter

Jason Aubry

Jason Aubry is WKBN’s statehouse reporter in Columbus.

Cameron O'Brien, WKBN 27 First News

Cameron O’Brien

Cameron O’Brien became a part of the WKBN-27 First News team in 2016 as a multi-media journalist. She will be responsible for reporting on s…

WKBN, Matt Jones

Matt Jones

Matt Jones became a part of the WKBN 27 First News Team in May 2016 as a weekend Meteorologist.

Abbie Schrader, WKBN

Abbie Schrader

Abbie Schrader joined the WKBN-27 First News team in March 2016, taking on the roles of anchor and reporter for the WKBN-27 First News Satur…

WKBN, Tyler Trill

Tyler Trill

Tyler Trill began working as a multi-media journalism at WKBN in December 2015.

WKBN, Molly Reed

Molly Reed

Molly Reed is a multi-media journalist on WKBN 27 First News.

WKBN Christina Mullen

Christina Mullen

Christina Mullen is a Multi-Media Journalist on WKBN 27 First News.

WKBN, Alex George

Alex George

Alex George is the weekend weather anchor and reporter on WKBN 27 First News.

WKBN, Josh Frketic

Josh Frketic

Josh came to the Valley from Bluefield, West Virginia where he was the weekend anchor for nearly two years.

Nadine Grimley, WKBN

Nadine Grimley

Nadine Grimley became a part of the WKBN 27 First News Team in 2014 as a video journalist.

WKBN, Chad Krispinsky

Chad Krispinsky

Chad serves as a sports anchor and as executive producer of Game of the Week.

WKBN, Nathan Lehota

Nathan Lehota

Nathan Lehota joined WKBN in 2014 as a video journalist.

Amanda Smith, WKBN

Amanda Smith

Amanda is the investigative reporter for WKBN-27 First News.

WKBN, Gerry Ricciutti

Gerry Ricciutti

Gerry Ricciutti has been reporting here in the Valley for nearly 30 years.