Weather Snow-Travel

Icy roads

Check out our Live Drive Action Cam's view of the Valley roads.


Smart basketball

A new Smart basketball is revealed and it helps coaches and players to improve shooting and dribbling.


Safety enforcement

Local law enforcement is looking to make a busy and dangerous stretch of highway safer.


Fatal Crash Investigation

Speed and alcohol are 2 of the factors that cause a deadly accident in Austintown overnight.


Sick on campus

With many students heading back to college after spring break, the risk of developing illnesses could increase.

Youngstown Mayor John McNally

5 minutes with the Mayor

Mayor John McNally visits the studio to talk about what is going on in the community.

St. Patrick

St. Patrick’s Day

Plenty of celebrations are going on throughout the Valley for St. Patrick's Day.


Oil gargling

Learn how olive oil can be used as a mouth wash.

Weather Snow-Travel

Winter storm

Greta checks out the roads to see how they are after a winter storm.


High-tech jacket

A high-tech jacket has been developed to help people keep their heads up so they don't have to look at maps as they walk around.



Another earthquake hit the Valley bringing the total this week up to 5.


Winter Storm

Our team coverage continues this morning as we prepare for yet another blast of winter.

Ice Cream

Ice cream diet

Find out how eating ice cream can be one form of a diet.


Hikers rescued

Two people are rescued after getting lost in a nearby state park.


Government investigation

We're following new developments this morning in a major recall at General Motors.