Soyuz capsule docks with space station

MOSCOW (AP) — A Soyuz capsule carrying an American, Russian and Italian successfully docked Wednesday with the International Space Station, …

Afghan security rescues Red Cross staff

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — A senior Afghan official says security forces have rescued seven foreigners working for the International Red Cros…

Jackson Diaz

Poland Boy Has Rare Disorder

The Diaz family of Poland will be spending a lot of time in and out of hospitals over the next few years because their youngest son, 11-mont…

Lisbon Statue

Council Nixes Lisbon Statue

Last month, they gave permission to the Lisbon Landmark Foundation to put a bronze statue of Lisbon native Clement Vallandigham next to the …

Mary Pappas

Boardman Woman Writes Book

Mary Pappas of Boardman has written a memoir about her journey through six bouts of cancer.

Will play in State tennis tournament this weekend in Columbus

Tennis Stars Headed to Columbus

Poland’s Garrett Gardner, JFK’s Jad Abdul-Aal, and Lakeview’s Aaron Paczak will compete at the State Tennis Tournament in Columbus this week…

Winners Palace

Kasich Signs Internet Cafe Bill

The measure extends a moratorium on any new cafes and requires those currently in operation to submit new affidavits to the state.