Chevy Cruze

Cruze sales leader for GM

While General Motors saw slacking sales over all for January , the Chevrolet Cruze continues to break sales records.

Lordstown Village sign

Video will highlight village

USM Studios in Coral Springs, Fla., plans to highlight Lordstown as one of its "Communities of Distinction" in an upcoming video that will a…

Peru Dolphin Deaths

400 dead dolphins found on Peru beach

More than 400 dead dolphins were found last month on the Pacific Ocean beaches of northern Peru where twice that amount were encountered in …


Syrian airstrikes kill at least 18

The Syrian government extended its intense aerial campaign against rebel-held areas of the northern city of Aleppo on Monday, conducting a s…

Prisoner Escape

Michigan escaped prisoner captured

Officials were stunned by the brazen escape Sunday night of Michael David Elliot, who had a record of good behavior during his 20 years in c…

Google Barge

Google must remove ‘mystery’ barge

Google must move a mystery barge from a construction site on an island in the middle of San Francisco Bay because the permits are not in ord…


Hotel chain dealing with data breach

A nationwide hotel operator says it's investigating a suspected data security breach that may have compromised information of customers who …

Police investigation

Monkey, other animals removed from home

Police said the animals removed from the home in Cumberland County included numerous dogs and cats, an albino groundhog, a de-scented skunk …


Woman appeals poisoning conviction

An elderly northeastern Pennsylvania woman behind bars for poisoning her son's girlfriend with antifreeze has appealed her conviction and se…


Man charged for abandoning kids

A Wisconsin man is in custody for allegedly abandoning 10 children and teenagers after promising to take them on a Super Bowl trip.