007 ‘submarine car’ sells for $865,000

LONDON (AP) — A car that transformed into a submarine in the James Bond movie “The Spy Who Loved Me” has been sold at a London auction for 5…

Andrew McCourt

Police: Drugs behind break-ins

Authorities on Monday said a Berlin Center man suspected of committing as many as 15 break-ins in western Mahoning County stole to support h…

Niles fracking lesson

Fracking lesson given in Niles

City council passed the bill of rights as an emergency measure last month to prevent drilling in the city because of fears a well was going …

Salem Walmart

Coworkers grieve over murder

Workers at the Salem Walmart continued to grieve the death of a supervisor who was fatally shot Sunday by an ex-boyfriend in the store’s par…

Help Hotline

Mom of suicide victim donates $4k

A mother of a Youngstown State University student who committed suicide said she hopes her family’s story will help others.